Friday, March 5, 2010


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As mentioned at the last Technical Committee Meeting, I am passing on a link to the Applied GIS and Remote Sensing Listserve, that might be of general/practical interest to many of you. Here is the link:

To join the listserve, follow the instructions in the left, under the heading "How to Join" (duh....). When you send your email to join, the instructions that come back to you will be in french (the listserve is hosted from Laval University in QC, PQ) - so you will either have to ask Patricia to translate for you ;-) or just intuit the procedure - it's basically the same as any other list I've ever joined (send email, receive verification, verify, ...).

The subject matter discussed ranges broadly, from non-software-specific technical questions (e.g. how do I build my own DEM?) to new or existing data sets to conference and publication info. I've included a sample posting below, just because I think it's really cool!

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This animation, made up of eight Envisat radar images, shows the 97-km long B-9B iceberg ramming into the Mertz Glacier Tongue in Eastern Antarctica in early February. The collision caused a chunk of the glacier’s tongue to snap off, giving birth to another iceberg nearly as large as B-9B.

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