Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Modified Stylesheet for ArcCatalog

I was asked about the style sheet used by the data framework and if it could be used within ArcCatalog.

You may download the stylesheet here.

In order to view within ArcCatalog you must first put unzip the stylesheet and put it in your ArcGIS stylesheet folder. This will vary by system, on mine it is:

C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Metadata\Stylesheets

If it is different for you, do a search on a file name of FGDC ESRI and it should show up and show you the folder you need.

Once the file is in place, open ArcCatalog. Once you are viewing a metadata file you may change the stylesheet from the default, to the new one, via the drop down to the left of your metadata editing tools.

Please note this stylesheet was not designed for this purpose and has extra code built into the stylesheet. It works fine in testing, but mileage may very depending on versions of ArcGIS and other system factors.


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