Monday, January 4, 2010

A couple of handy links

Happy New Year, everyone!

I have a couple of things to bring to your attention:
  1. The 3tab Metadata Editor has been modified to include all required fields from the CRP Metadata Standard. You can download the new-and-improved editor here:
    Also, a reminder that the newest ArcGIS, version 9.4, currently does not support the use of custom-built metadata editor templates like 3tab. Unless this (hopefully) oversight is rectified, this means that you will be unable to use 3tab if/when you upgrade to 9.4 - so if this is on your horizon, you might want to send a message to your ESRI rep and suggest that they allow for this capacity in the new ArcGIS.
  2. At last meeting, I promised to post a link to this blog I subscribe to, which posts regularly on sources for free GIS and remote sensing data. Here is the blog:
    and here is the particular post I mentioned at our last meeting, related to global population density data:
    Even if you don't find all of the information on this blog applicable to your everyday work, you might find it interesting (and encouraging) to learn about all of the free resources that are out there.
I hope to see you all tomorrow, and I trust you found some time for friends, family, and fun this holiday season.


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Corey Halford said...

Here is a note if you have downloaded a earlier version of this metadata editor.

This new installation will replace the .mdb file that you may have customized with your organization's contact information etc. To preserve this information save a copy of this .mdb file in a different location, then once the new version of the editor is installed, replace the new .mdb with the one you have already edited. If you don't do this you risk losing all of the edits you made to the previous version of the mdb file.