Thursday, July 16, 2009

ESRI User Conference Experience

Sitting at the ESRI User Conference on monday the presentation on ArcGIS 9.4 was truely amazing. Jack Dangermond and the ESRI Inc staff did an excellent job of impressing my and exceeding my expectations the moment I entered the session. Imagine 10,000 delegates in one room!!

The functionality that they are beginning to make possible in this next version will enable a transition for GIS from desktop editing to web enabled editing. There were so many principles that will make this next version one to leverage for government business and citizen engagement.

There are so many presentations that really amazed me and will drive the way forward for the City of Airdrie such as strategic planning for GIS, Automatic addressing updates, and demonstrating ROI for GIS. From technical and paper presentations, this conference is one that I feel has provided me the most value to date and I highly recommend attending. The great thing to consider is that the sessions are structured for the lay person all the way up to the hardcore programmers. Everyone is open to discuss their experiences and learn from each other.

The scale of this event is one that is difficult to explain without you actually being here!

I hope to bring a couple of the presentations that I feel will be of most value to the CRP meeting in September.

Cheers from San Diego!


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